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The Washington-British Columbia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society invites you to submit symposia ideas for the 2015 Annual General Meeting to be held in Richmond, BC February 16 – 19, 2015.

Symposium organizers are encouraged to submit proposals, recruit presenters, solicit their abstracts, and direct them to submit their abstracts. Organizers are not required to recruit a full symposium at the time of proposal submissions.  A symposium should include a minimum of 5 presentations. Time slots are limited to 20 minutes, but multiple time slots (i.e. 40 or 60 minutes) may be offered to keynote symposia speakers or wrap-up panel discussions.


When submitting your proposal, please include the following:

  1. Organizer’s information: Provide first and last name, affiliation, telephone number, and e-mail address of organizer. (More than one person can help organize a symposium, but we will only collect information from the lead person. Provide the telephone number and e-mail address where the lead organizer can most easily be reached.)
  2. Symposium title: Be brief but descriptive.
  3. Description: Submit a brief (<300 word) abstract that describes your proposed symposium. Deadline for symposia submittals is December 1, 2014.
  4. Audiovisual requirements: LCD projectors and laptops will be available in every room. Other audio-visual equipment needed for the symposium will be considered, but computer projection is strongly encouraged. Please list special AV requirements, if any.
  5. Special seating requests: Standard rooms will be arranged theatre-style. Please indicate special seating requests (for example, “after the break, a panel discussion with seating for 10 panel members will be needed”).

For more information, please contact Alix Blake, alix.blake [at] SpokaneTribe.com, (509) 626-4454.

WABC 2015 AGM – Richmond BC Feb 16-19

Meeting Announcement – WA-BC Chapter of AFS, 2015 Annual General Meeting:

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The Washington-British Columbia chapter of the American Fisheries Society will hold their 2015 Annual General Meeting at the Executive Airport Plaza, Richmond, British Columbia February 16-19, 2015. The hotel room rates will be $99 C for those who reserve their rooms early. As we get closer to the date additional information will be available on the chapter web site at (http://wabc-afs.org/). For more information feel free to contact the current vice-president Mark LaRiviere (mlarivie [at] cityoftacoma.org) or at (253) 502.8767. Send in your travel requests to your employer or major professor NOW to attend the 2015 AGM.

Map to RichmondRichmond welcome sign

First call for papers for the 2015 AGM

Annual Meeting of the Washington-British Columbia Chapter
Communications and Modern Tools for Research and Management
February 16-19, 2015
Executive Airport Plaza Richmond, BC

FIRST Call for Papers
This call for papers seeks oral and poster contributions relevant to the conference theme on topics such as the following:

  • Endangered Species Act/ Species at Risk Act
  • Upper Columbia River Redband Trout
  • Pink and Chum Salmon Workshop
  • Communication
  • Cutthroat Trout
  • Ecology of Juvenile Salmon in the Nearshore
  • Fish Culture
  • TBA*

Additionally, we seek contributing papers on topics such as fisheries management, fish biology, life history, and ecological studies related to fish and fisheries.

*The symposia list is tentative pending the finalization of a symposia submission. Symposia submissions are due December 1, 2014.
Abstract Submission
Abstracts are due January 16, 2014. Abstract submissions must include:

  • Type of presentation preferred (oral or poster).
  • Topic area from above list, or suggest a topic.
  • Abstract Title: Be brief but descriptive.
  • Author(s) name(s) as they should appear in the program, affiliation, mailing address, phone number and email address.
  • Name of presenter and contact person if different from first author.
  • Students indicate participation in “best student paper or poster”.
  • Text of abstract in 300 words or less.

Abstracts can be submitted on the conference website at:
For more information please visit the conference website (http://agm2015.wabc-afs.org/) or contact: Alix Blake at alix.blake [at] spokanetribe.com or 509-626-4454.


Fall 2014 issue of The Confluence

Read this issue for some important updates on membership dues, our AGM in February 2015, and some great book reviews by Dr. Fred Utter. WA-BC_Chapter-Newsletter_Fall-2014

– by Natalie Sopinka

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Mark your calendars for the 2015 AGM in Richmond, BC

The Washington-British Columbia Chapter of the American Fisheries Society announces the 2015 Annual General Meeting to be held in Richmond, British Columbia, February 16-19, 2015. The meeting location is at the Executive Airport Plaza on the Westminster Highway. Executive Airport Plaza This meeting will be co-convened with the 2015 Pink & Chum Conference.

This meeting will be a gathering of fisheries professionals, scientists and academics from governmental and non-governmental entities in Washington and British Columbia that work in freshwater, estuarine and marine environments.

The Washington-British Columbia Chapter is looking to reach out to all members and fellow fisheries professionals in Washington and British Columbia, particularly Tribes and First Nations, to attend and participate in the conference.

For more information, please contact Mark LaRiviere, WA-BC chapter Vice President at mlarivie [at] cityoftacoma.org or (253) 502-8767.