2017 AGM Presentations

All of the presentations from the 2017 AGM in Spokane, WA can be found below. They are listed by symposium, in the order they were presented. You can download the program here. If you have questions or concerns about any of the items posted, please contact Communications Director Brittany Jenewein at btjenewein [at] gmail.com.

Plenary Speakers

1- Cleve Steward (presentation not available)
2- Eric Knudsen
3- Dr. Allen Scholz

Knowledge Mobilization

1- Nathan Young
2- Rick Simpson
3- Trevor Eakes
4- Brittany Jenewein

Depressed Fish Stocks: Collaborative Recovery

1- Jason Connor
2- Roger Peters
3- Ryan Simmons
4- Ralph Lampman
5- Maureen Small
6- Roger Peters
7- Bill Brignon
8- Alexander Conley

Magnitudes and Mechanisms of Salmon and Steelhead Straying: Implications for Management Targets of Hatchery Straying

1- Todd Pearsons
2- Rolland O’Connor
3- Gabriel Temple
4- Shelby Richins
5- Eric Knudsen

Transboundary Collaborations

1- Brian Saluskin (presentation not available)
2- Jeffrey Fryer
3- Scott Akenhead
4- Erin Rechisky
5- Benjamin Nelson
6- Michael Lapointe
7- Mark Saunders

Advancements in Fisheries Technology

1- Steve Anglea
2- Alexander Borsky
3- Phil Peterson
4- Todd Deligan
5- Tobias Kock
6- Gordon Burns

Studies of Aquatic Habitats

1- Tim Vore
2- Connor Parrish
3- Steven Boessow
4- Ciara Sharpe (presentation not available)
5- Francine Mejia
6- Amanda Stahl

Anadromous Fish Passage and Reintroduction into the Upper Columbia

1- John Sirois
2- Michael Garrity
3- John Roache
4- Laura Robinson
5- Conor Giorgi
6- Casey Baldwin
7- Richard Bussanich

Advancements in environmental DNA

1- Scott Blankenship
2- Katherine Strickler
3- Caren Goldberg
4- Alexander Fremier

5- Carl Ostberg
6- Jose Vasquez
7- Kevin McKelveyContributed Papers
1- Curtis Roth (presentation not available)
2- Daniel Schill
3- Samantha Wilson (presentation not available)
4- Josh Williams
5- Colin Bailey (presentation not available)
6- Shubha Pandit
7- McLain Johnson
8- Brian Lanouette
9- Yongwen Gao (presentation not available)
10- Ashley Bromberg
11- Bryan Witte

Thank you again to all the presenters for their excellent contributions to our conference!