WA-BC Chapter of AFS Committee Structure and Chairs

We always welcome new members for the WA-BC Chapter committees. Please review the list of committees and their duties below. We need individuals to serve as appointed chairs on the currently vacant committees and we need lots of help on all the committees. Please feel free to contact the current President or any of the committee chairs to volunteer or for more information on the duties. Also, if you have ideas for additional WA-BC Chapter committees not shown below, please contact us at afs.wabc [at] regarding the possibility of creating a new committee.

AGM Program Committee – Mark LaRiviere

The Program Committee is chaired by the President-Elect who will oversee all facets of the Annual General Meeting (AGM), in consultation with the Chapter Executive Committee. The Chair will solicit, appoint, and delegate to chapter members leadership of the numerous subcommittees required to implement the AGM.

Development Committee – Vacant

The Development Committee will review WA-BC Chapters’s financial situation and make recommendations to the Chapter Executive Committee for a financial strategy that maximizes the potential for projects that promote the Chapter’s mission. Topics to be addressed include fundraising, investments and/or endowments, and projects to sponsor. The Development Committee will also interact with and assist the AGM Fundraising Subcommittee.

Outreach Committee – Brittany Jenewein and Orlay Johnson

The goal is to support and enhance communication among WA-BC Chapter of AFS members; with the broader AFS membership; and with Washington and British Columbia fisheries agencies, tribes, NGOs, citizen groups, and the public. The Outreach Committee has “standing” subcommittees, that align with the three primary communication methods:

  • Webmaster – Bryan Bougher
  • Newsletter & Listserve – Brittany Jenewein
  • Social Media – Brittany Jenewein and Orlay Johnson

Student Coordination Committee – Vacant

Students are the future of AFS. The Chapter is committed to encouraging and supporting student involvement through student participation in the AGM, student socials, awards, and student subunit activities. The Committee will develop recommendations to the Chapter Executive Committee for enhancing student participation at all levels and will organize specific activities that promote student involvement.

WA-BC Chapter Archivist – Vacant

The Chapter Archivist is the lead for tracking and organizing all records and documents since Chapter inception. Because the Chapter has gone through periods of inconsistency, the archives are currently in disarray. The newly appointed Archivist will develop a straightforward plan for gathering historical records from previous officers and web managers to rebuild electronic versions of the archives. The archivist will employ volunteer or paid student assistance to scan and organize chapter records and relevant archives will be linked to the Chapter website. Any Chapter members who are aware of the location of Chapter douments, please contact the archivist.

Rules and Procedural Manual Review Committee – Mark LaRiviere

Many aspects of the Chapter rules and procedures are in need of revision. The Committee will review and revise the by-laws and submit drafts as necessary to the Chapter Executive Committee for review, and ultimately to the membership for approval. This will include identifying core Standing Committees for the future. The Committee will also draft a web-based procedures manual that records recurring chapter procedures, such as AGM organizational methods, budgeting, etc., for review and approval by the Chapter Executive Committee.

Marine Fisheries Committee – Vacant

The Marine Fisheries Committee is tasked with developing marine fisheries, ecology, and habitat awareness and involvement amongst AFS members in Washington and British Columbia to foster collaboration with other marine-oriented professional societies and agencies. A particular emphasis will be placed on Puget Sound and Georgia Straits, especially in light of the newly formed Puget Sound Partnership. Past activities of the Committee included:

  • Providing unbiased professional peer review and scientific advice to the newly formed Puget Sound Partnership and other marine interests, according to guidance from the WA-BC Chapter Executive Committee
  • Supporting the  WA-BC Chapter Annual General Meeting agenda, which contains a significant number of marine topics, by organizing and sponsoring at least one marine-oriented symposium and by participating on the AGM Program Committee
  • Organizing and implementing publication of a set of papers from the AGM in the  AFS Marine Fisheries Journal
  • Identifying other marine-oriented topics or issues for future WA-BC Chapter involvement

Fisheries Genetics Committee – Vacant

Committee members will continue to seek opportunities for engaging fisheries geneticists and managers in the exchange of information, with particular emphasis on organizing symposia for the Annual General Meeting.