Looking for jobs in the fisheries field? Here are some links to job sites in the West that might help! If you have any job openings you would like to have posted, send the position information (title, agency/location, description, salary, deadlines, and contact information) to Brittany Jenewein at btjenewein [at] gmail.com.

Current Opportunities

Title: Jellyfish Aquaculture Internship
Agency: Marine Science and Technology Centre (MaST)
Location: Des Moines, WA
Salary: Unpaid
Application deadline: Applications reviewed monthly

Internships at the MaST Center are geared towards college students and recent graduates who are interested in gaining valuable hands-on experience in the field. Candidates should have a strong career interest in aquaculture or marine biology. All applicants should be organized, selfmotivated and have excellent people skills. Please note, this is an unpaid internship. NO SPECIFIC EXPERIENCE NECESSARY; ALL TRAINING PROVIDED.

During the six-month internship, you will learn aquaculture techniques, aquarium maintenance, water chemistry, veterinary duties, tank engineering, and planktonic marine biology. The internship will focus on two species of jellies (Aurelia labiata and Phacellophora camtschatica) through their entire life cycle.

See the full internship description here: Jellyfish Aquaculture Internship.


Title: Information & Outreach Coordinator
Agency: Kalispel Tribe of Indians Natural Resource Department
Location: Usk, WA
Salary: Depending on Experience
Application deadline: Until Filled (posted 24 April 2016)

This position serves as a key member of the Kalispel Tribe’s Natural Resource Department and is responsible for daily management and oversight of the Department’s internal and external information, education, and outreach programs/activities. See full description and qualifications here: Information and Outreach Coordinator

Web link to application form: http://northernquest.com/inquiries/careers


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